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Do you love to eat at places near the sea because of the variety of foods available? Then Faliraki, in Greece is one such place where delicious food and quality drinks are famous. The hospitality you get here is amazing. You will get whatever you want here because of the number of varieties available in the restaurant. The cooking styles of the chef’s are amazing and you will always be satisfied with tasty food, which would always match your mood.

The Rattan team does their best to make sure that every visit is remembered and cherished for lifetime. It shows that a meal is not just a meal, its food which is prepared with passion and a lot of experience along with expertise and hospitality. In the warm and relaxing atmosphere, the menu is carefully designed inspired by the unique and savory local products. The guests are introduced with refined Greek cuisine with an own point of view. The cuisine itself is considered as a wise cuisine and the way the kitchen operates; by managing the ingredients or by expertise makes it wise. The food is light and the guests are able to see everything happening. The restaurant is located in the heart of Faliraki.

Every visit is unforgettable

What is Rattan.

The Rattan team ensures that each and every visit is unforgettable. It’s not simply a meal, it’s hospitality through an incredible meal. Delicious food, prepared with expertise, passion and experience. Rattan doesn’t come with instructions: indulge any way you please.

Because you deserve the best.

Why wise cuisine

Greek food is defined as wise cuisine: domestic economy, sagacity, expertise, seasonality, management of ingredients and the way the kitchen operates. We believe the open Rattan kitchen is our duty and responsibility, and our guests are able to see everything as it happens. Food is light.

A unique experience

Remember how you felt

Rattan philosophy is based on friends sharing dishes: tasting and enjoying. The menu changes with the season, and the kitchen is continually evolving. The menu features: salads, cold dishes and raw, wooden oven, charcoal, casserole and fritters, and desserts.

Faliraki is a seaside resort located on the Greek island of Rhodes. Its a very popular destination for tourists and has become a center of tourism, where people from different countries visit. The center, usually in July and August, is filled with families. There is a variety of cuisine along with the Greek cuisine and many restaurants specializing in various cuisines.

The Rattan restaurant is open daily between 18:00 to 1:00 and has a very elegant looking bar, where one would feel really relaxed. The ambiance is really good with the infrastructure to boast about. Each and everything inside looks so perfect and creatively done, that you surely would remember the place for a lifetime. One can sit outside too, if one wishes to enjoy the air along with the amazing aroma of food. The philosophy here is that friends should enjoy and have a great time during their meal. As the season changes, so does the menu and hence the continued evolution of the kitchen.

The restaurant is a great place to celebrate any occasion. So whether you are having a birthday party or anniversary or any sort of party, the place is great for you. The lighting, the ambiance, the aroma, the sea side, the hospitality all combine to bring the best. With the menu having a number of dishes you will surely have a dish to delight. The main aim of the restaurant is the people itself and leaves no customer unsatisfied. The simplicity of booking a table online or on your phone is great and everything is already ready by the time you reach. Every single member of the restaurant are so kind and helping and all passionate about their work. They will be always ready to provide amazing service.So wait not and visit this pleasant and welcoming restaurant for a taste of the Mediterranean.

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Another great thing

here is the awesome combination of creative cuisine and cocktails to make your day even better. This great combination brings out the best taste as well as a great feeling when mixed with the positive & calm atmosphere here. No matter what the occasion is, whether it is a normal day, your date, anniversary, birthday party or bachelor’s party, this is an awesome place for you. The lighting is perfect to make a great mood. The sea side area is really a great place to hang out and if that comes along with super delicious food, it adds to the awesomeness. This is also a great option for you corporate parties as well as with such great services you are surely to experience the best time here. The menu has immense number of dishes and it changes according to each season. This place is loved by people as the only focus here is to satisfy the customers with unforgettable experiences.

You can easily

book a table online as well as on phone, according to your needs and number of persons attending so that when you reach the place, everything is perfectly ready for you. The service is exceptionally great as the people working here like chef, waiter & bartenders are all passionate about their work and are always dedicated to provide outstanding services to the clients. The most famous food types & the specialty of this place is the Mediterranean Cuisine. These are really very good for health due to their high nutrient levels as these are made up of ingredients like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, beans, nuts, seeds and olive oil. These cuisines are cooked with great love and are really very tasty and mouth watering.

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A great combination brings out the best taste!

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